Be dynamic, relevant and profitable.

Optimum Retailing is custom-made, data-driven software used by the world’s largest bricks and mortar brands. With OR, stores are relevant, on-trend, look great, and their numbers prove it.
Smiling Store Manager Compliance Software

Flagship compliance in every regional store.

OR makes it easy to execute to perfection. It’s doable with dynamic store specific plans, accurate materials, and clear instructions. As tasks are completed, HQ is informed, and everyone is kept accountable.

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Reach peak performance, and optimize.

Today bricks and mortar have incredible potential. Every location creates amazing amounts of data. With OR this insider info is put to work to localize programs, create localized experiences and build meaningful customer relationships.

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Communication that puts everyone on the same page.

From head office to your agency, to those in stores, one single source of truth makes for a simpler way to share and collaborate. With automatic updates, nothing is missed. With detailed plans and training, everything is easy to follow, keeping all staff accountable.

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In the first 12 - 18 months clients experience:

20-30% Reduction in
non-selling hours

7-12% Increase in topline
revenue from insights gained

25-30% Increase in

OR teams up with your
existing software.

From inventory management to sales data, OR connects with existing third party software to optimize your merchandising and promotions.

Smiling Store Manager Compliance Software
Illustration Powerful Tech Compliance Data Chart Laptop

Powerful tech to suit
your needs.

Tap into OR’s custom-created technologies designed to improve how brick & mortar retailers run from the inside out.

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“OR has benefited our business immensely. We have much better communication with stores, and the platform allows us to have means of communication with stores directly that is not managed by the sales channel which provides a merchandising priority.”

National Retail Projects Manager, Rogers Communications

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