Technology Solutions for Future-Ready Retail.

Optimum Retailing custom-created technologies improve how brick & mortar retailers run from the inside out. By harnessing vast amounts of data, OR personalizes experiences to meet and exceed customers’ needs.

SKU Optimization

Inventory Integration

By integrating store inventory into OR, you can plan it, track it and have OR provide stores with alternate SKUs when inventory is out.

Sales Data Integration

With sales data integration, you can see where your sales are coming from in relation to your floor plan and fixtures.

Heat Mapping and Customer Journey

By connecting to your analytical software, OR can track shoppers and map out your optimal customer journey.

Data Profiling

OR collects, aggregates and analyzes different sources of data from every location to help you improve performance by targeting your audience in a more informed way.

Data Compliance

With OR you can track every one of your locations’ compliance, providing visibility into who is meeting the mark, and who needs help.

Resource Efficiencies

Print and Fulfillment Tracking

OR brings accuracy to printing and distribution. Once a planogram is complete, OR provides you with total print quantities and a distribution list, saving time and money.

Waybill Tracking

Tracking and signing for shipments shouldn’t rest on HQ. With OR, bricks and mortar locations can take on this responsibility and better plan for what’s coming.

One-Click Planograms

Store planning has never been more precise or easy with Optimum Retailing. With our one-click planograms, OR knows what graphics and merchandise each store needs.

Workforce Management

Planogram LOE and Forecasting

OR makes planning precise by including a level of effort and resourcing feature with every planogram. Now stores know how many employees are needed at a given time, saving time and money.

Automated Photo Compliance

OR taps into AI to make real-time compliance possible for all staff. With a smartphone, staff now have the ability to execute merchandise and posters by simply pointing their phone at a fixture. OR leaves no room for error.

Issue Management

Issues happen, but they don’t have to linger on. With OR, compliance is reported through the software, allowing HQ to fix any issues in real-time.

Empowering bricks and mortar retailers.

With OR you can plan with precision, execute to perfection and collaborate with clarity.

Compliance that gets it right.

In today’s environment, there’s no room for guesswork. OR keeps everyone on your team accountable, trained and consistent.

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Improve how you perform.

When you infuse how you plan, execute, operate and track with data, you see an uptick in performance.

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Communicate with clarity.

OR streamlines how you communicate, so there are fewer errors and more collaboration and sharing.

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